The mounting waves of intelligence war

Hardly surprising…

It is not simply that these groups refuse to take a critical stance towards the opposition movement and the diverse social forces it represents—as would be necessary for anyone seeking to lay the basis for the development of an independent working class oppositional movement in Syria. Like the Guardian and other mainstream media, they very deliberately conceal the bourgeois, Sunni-sectarian and pro-imperialist character of the movement’s current leadership to conceal great-power imperialist intrigues, the end result of which will be more disastrous than even NATO’s war against Libya.

US “Intelligence Assets” leading the Syrian “Opposition”, the Role of the Bilderberg and the CFR

Could the CIA have pushed for a massive operation in Syria?

A coordinated, CIA-led effort to pour anti-tank, antiaircraft, and anti-personnel weaponry through gaping holes in the regime’s border security wouldn’t be hard. The regime’s lack of manpower and Syria’s geography—low-rising mountains, arid steppes and forbidding deserts—would likely make it vulnerable to the opposition, if the opposition had enough firepower.

‘Unleash the CIA’ in Syria?

All this just happens to take place when Omar Suleiman dies mysteriously in the US, while “Qa’dat al-Jihad” assumes responsibility for Bulgaria, and Bandar is brought back to spearhead Saudi intelligence efforts in the region. Add to that the military buildup in the gulf, and you get an escalation which is underway, yet we are only seeing the shadows on the wall.


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